Senior Scientist / Principal Scientist, Biochemistry/Biophysics

Cambridge, UK

Job Purpose:

We are looking to hire a Biochemistry/Biophysics Senior / Principal Scientist to play a key part in future success of Dunad by building and supporting protein biochemistry, biophysics and structural biology assays.

You will contribute to growing the Dunad Claymor™ Platform – our proprietary approach to mono-valent target protein degradation - to support hit identification, validation, and hit-to-lead capabilities. You will support and strengthen the company's internal programmes as well as Dunad’s pharma collaborations. You will help us define and refine our internal target pipeline as well as provide essential support for our Drug Discovery programmes. Importantly, you will be a key part of a close-knit, patient-focused team of drug discovery scientists. View the full job description here.

Agency inquires or resumes will not be accepted.